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There is a hidden twist in this fun Degree of 'Doing Nothing'. It relates to the concentrated mental work which is not seen. So by doing nothing a lot actually happens. A very thought provoking degree. 

You defied a long-standing prejudice when you took this degree, a Degree course we 
devised to counter the debilitating and often fatal effects of the traditional WORK ETHIC.

The 'Art of Doing Nothing' is probably the most difficult of skills to achieve and is not the 
innocent procrastination that you are familiar with. It is not the quest of the vagabond. The 
nothing we speak of is really 'SOMETHING', it is not the nothing that is nothing. You did not 
simply saunter your way towards it, or discover the Art while lounging on a couch 
or while slipping into a nap or while staring into space.

This form of doing nothing is altematively described as the state of 
'NOT-DOING', a state of 'SERENITY' where the observer, your consciousness is in a 
heightened state of awareness, watching everything that is happening within your being - the 
state of relaxation; any areas of tension; the breath moving in and out of your nose; your 
very thoughts as they form and arise from the primordial ooze of your unconscious.

This Degree acknowledges the mastery of your 'MINDFUL' art of doing nothing. 
You are able and may begin your joumey back through time, back through the 
ancient memories stored in your DNA, back to the era of the Proto-human, the 
creature within whom no EGO had formed, the creature with no sense of self. 
This undomesticated creature of ancient times which was ONE with the All.

This is where the Nothing, which is Something 
leads - back to the GARDEN OF EDEN, a STATE of BLISS.

on your amazing achievement of HEIGHTENED AWARENESS, while practicing the 

Degree in the 'Art of Doing Nothing'

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