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Helpful Hints - University Of Life Experiences

Certificate Arrangement
These degrees as a present look most impressive when placed into an A3 or similar (for full scap) picture/certificate frame which has a dark or suitable back ground within the frame. Hanging on the wall or placed on the desktop, it will create good conversations and thoughts, at times with joy. 
If time and/or circumstances make it difficult to get a suitable picture/certificate frame this Degree may also be handed over just rolled up with a nice ribbon around it and the suggestion of framing it thereafter. 

Printing Hints
Ensure you printer settings are correct. Set page size to desired size -A4 / full scap is recommended but you can print larger or smaller.

Observe you margins. We recommend printing to the edge of the paper if you printer allows it.
If you are unsure, perhaps try a draft copy in black and white to test the output and to save on ink, in case of printer setting errors.

Allow you printout to dry for 1 or 2 minutes before handling it, to ensure there are no smudges.

Ensure your printer is printing your presentation copy at at least 150dpi (dots per inch). If you dont have dpi settings, just select "best" or "photo" quality, and in color. 

The quality of paper will determine qualities such as image/color quality, and lifespan of the printout. Better quality paper is highly recommended for that lifelong finish that can be treasured and appreciated for many years.


Download Hints
Once downloaded from your email downalod link, open the image up in your favorite image or photo editor and type in a name in the name area. Then email/share with friends.

Final Thoughts 
Lastly we hope you enjoy the novelty gift certificates you purchase (so much more special than a birthday card).

We would love to know how you or your recipient found our gift certificates, so drop us a line. We are also open to suggestions for other types of certificate ideas. We plan on including more as we go along. 

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. We would love to hear that we all made someones day!

Dr Ahead Good Life
University of Life Experiences 

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