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A fun certficate for children who feel excited about the coming event; the search for the Easter eggs and all other presents which come with it. The certificate strengthens the excitement which increases the urge in participating with parents' suggestions. Framed in an A3 frame and hanging in the child's bedroom is a real pearl to that room. 

A pink - eyed bunny with chocolate eggs 
With floppy ears and twitching nose and very hoppity legs 
Is hiding In the garden and hiding all the eggs.

He is whiskerlng and tiskerlng and hopping far and near 
with here an egg and there an egg, and eggs to make you cheer.

But first you have to find them and try to find the trail, 
of Easter Bunny's Easter Eggs - please find them without fail.

And though some find it funny - I believe in Easter Bunny 
who's hiding in the garden and hiding something yummy.

Something egg-shaped for my tummy, 
I know it isn't daddy and I know it isn't Mummy, 
I do believe, I do believe, It must be EASTER BUNNY. 
Congratulations, Easter Bunny is coming soon!

Belief in the Easter Bunny

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