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Western Society today v Roman Empire then 

Your scientific Research was based on a very delicate matter. In your studies the fall of the Roman Empire had to be researched and how, before its collapse, it compared with the Western Society of today. Is there a likelihood it will happen to the Western Society too; and why? Who or what may be to blame? Your research then went into the right direction! The most obvious similarity is the overall affluent life style of both societies; the Roman Empire just before its collapse and the Western Society now. Entertainment, satisfied Lust and comfort were then and are now at the forefront. Then, the spectacular gladiator shows, a must to be there; today TV, internet and the urge for new, more outrageous movies. Sexual abuse then (even Cesar had to heed to his mentor), sexual abuse today; homosexuality accepted today as it was then. Then, as today, there is never satisfaction with what is, there must always be more and or better. However the most damaging effect in this similarity which this Western Society faces now, is the result of lack of discipline which children received already over several generations because of entertainment and commerce pressure placed onto the family unit as a whole. To discipline children it must come with the right mixture of love and time by parents. The later however is thinned out heavily with entertainment time and work pressure placed onto them. Also the leaders in this Society have put a blind eye to divorce rates because the industry is profiting from it, the upcoming unfortunate generation is of less importance. Furthermore, the destruction from the Second World War seduced the urge for build up; bigger and better, which continued into the present. The bigger and better is in direct trade off with time spent with children. As there are already several generations involved, children who have become already parents, still act as children; wild, frustrated adults who long for a carefree life of good times and entertainment; responsibility is not in their vocabulary; just a meaningless empty existence, thrown into being parents. In your research you had the urge to find a blame for it all. To point the fingers onto careless Governments, scrupulous and cunning marketing, enslaving work and finance systems, came quickly into your mind. However here you excelled! You realised that the good, carefree life, full of luxury and plenty of fun — happiness unlimited life style is a myth, the same myth which destroyed the Roman Empire from within. To save this Western Society from the same fate the above myth must be put aside and responsibility toward children’s future in the form of sufficient time for love, discipline and education, has to come mainly from their parents; parents, who have been given sufficient time for this and who stay together, teaching children the positive side of it, based on respect, love and understanding — the bonding force of a worthy family. CONGRATULATIONS FOR THIS EXCELLENT CONCLUSION! 

This Certificate is intended for oneself and of a more serious nature. It can be given as a present to somebody else but with caution. Reading it and accepting what is written is good enough proof that common sense and deeper thinking compared to the superficial everyday one is still at the forefront in you. It is a good discussion object and a pointer into the right direction. Put it into an A3 picture frame and be proud of having it.

Cert Understanding 8 - Western Society today v Roman Empire then

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