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For those who belief in Fairies.  The delicate element which many believe surrounds us all, and some even see it.  A good omen for those who believe in them;  an invisible protection against harm and hurt.  This beautiful art work is a positive reminder and strengthener in their belief which may be for anybody, especially children.  Placed into an A3 or similar size frame it is also a colourful decoration for any room.

The elementals or fairy folk are made of the energy that surrounds 
all living flora, the flowers, ferns and trees of the wild natural forest. These 
fairy folk become visible in certain magical places such as fairy rings and 
near sacred springs and trees, and at certain times of the year.

Usually only children can see them, but sometimes very old people can see 
them too. The sun shines into a dell and motes of light start dancing around 
the flowers, wings take shape and before your eyes little beings begin to 
appear, beautiful and delicate. This glimpse into the elemental world will
remain with you always, no matter how old you become and the magic you 
witnessed can be passed on to your children and their children too.

Do take care of the fairy environment and the elemental world; and declare 
no matter what anyone says. 
This Document is to certify your 
Belief in Fairies and will keep a light shining in the Dell.

Certificate of Belief in Fairies

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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