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Instead of a 16’s birthday card which soon hits the dustbin, this novelty gift certificate is a lasting uplifting document displayed by a beautiful art work.  It is a reminder that the life of the young person has value regardless of the circumstances.  That he can be proud being a man now and valued as such by others.  And that the future ahead therefore is good and something to look forward.  Placed in a frame and hanging on the wall in his room, this birthday card certificate will give an instant positive feeling regards life. 

This acknowledges the 'Rite of Passage' from childhood. 
For you have passed unknowingly through an Invisible door from childhood 
into the world of Men. However this certificate is only meant to be a reminder that 
henceforth you must put aside childish things and learn to follow the creed of Men. 
The Journey of life for Men is an inner journey from the head to the 
heart and Is expressed in the world thus: 
A Man must lead and not follow; 
He must have courage yet be merciful; 
He must respect and honour the opposite sex and protect women and children; 
He must be honest and forthright in his worldly dealings to gain the respect of other Men; 
He must have patience and fortitude in all things; 
He must be generous of heart and charitable; 
He must seek wisdom from men of good heart, and 
learn ·to be of good judgement. 
Remember, you are the Father of the next Generation and must show these qualities to them. 
Yours is the responsibiliity for 
Happy Sixteenth Birthday and much joy on this auspicious day!

Certificate of Manhood

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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