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 Why Orgasm 

You have now acquired the understanding why orgasm is such a desired feeling. It opened your eyes that this desired feeling is a reward feeling; a physical feeling with a spiritual base. A reward bestowed onto those who, as a result of surpassing all the necessary steps, from simpiy being alive and healthy; grown with strength and beauty; and most important, being cunning enough to firstly outsmart the competition and secondly in seducing a suitable partner into sexual intercourse. Spiritually based because in this act, when it is to be, gives a certain spirit at a specific time the destination to enter a physical body with which it is able to experience all the mental and physical pains it has to experience throughout its entire life while existing on this, our planet. From leaving through the mother’s womb, the early handling, building up lung volume, growing teeth, frustrations when learning to sit, stand and walk, accepting cultural restrictions based on tradition, all the pain and pressures of growing up in the subjected environment, striving for success or accepting the downward spiral due to lack of it, being subjected to the urges of mating, the pains and tensions of rearing children, pains during war times, fighting all the illnesses and experience all the loneliness, which comes with age till finally, the moment arrives when it is allowed, experiencing there maybe the greatest pain period, to leave its physical body and become free again. The time span given in its physical body is specified; it may only be very short, or maybe very long, depending on the quantity and quality of overall pain it has to experience. However, because there are also joyful and happy times in life and we base our existence on these “GOOD TiMES”, pain and the “TRUE WHY OF IT” is pushed into the back ground, away and out of sight, so life appears worth living and orgasm is high up there of importance during these fertile times; which are further opportunities for other spirits to start a physical life. With this new beginning all love is then there but pain already as well. And to understand this, you have now achieved. CONGRATULATIONS FOR UNDERSTANDING ITS DEEPER MEANING! 

This Certificate is intended for oneself and of a more serious nature. It can be given as a present to somebody else but with caution. Reading it and accepting what is written is good enough proof that common sense and deeper thinking compared to the superficial everyday one is still at the forefront in you. It is a good discussion object and a pointer into the right direction. Put it into an A3 picture frame and be proud of having it.

Certificate Of Understanding 1 - Why Orgasm

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