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 Why Divorce 

 You have now acquired the understanding why divorce at times is unavoidable. It opened your eyes that this comes due the fact that through life every seven years or so all the cells in the human body have been renewed. The old ones died and are replaced with new ones. Hormones with time therefore change too. Physically you are a different you, you were seven years ago. Also a healthy human being is constantly consciously and subconsciously learning and as such view points change. To this comes the fact that there is a spiritual transformation through life too. The combination of these result that the thinking, character, sexual preferences, outlook on life and what is important therefore will have also changed at each partner. Furthermore the young and highly fertile female will act subconsciously more instinctively because she solely carries the responsibility that the generation she produces is healthy and has the appropriate qualities to continue the human species. Irrational behaviour at times of choosing may be the outcome. This may — almost certainly — has the result that the partner, who, some years ago was impossible to live without, changed into indifference or even to the urge of avoidance. Conversations quickly change into heated arguments. Friendly and nice words are echoes of the past. Of course, secretly there is then the urge to look for another partner, which, as the circumstances give way to it, leads into separation and furthermore to divorce. To this comes also the fact that in many cases there is the situation that one partner still tries to keep the relationship under all cost and with all the niceties possible, going. Which at times prolong or even returns the closeness for each partner, however it can make the other partner even more angry and frustrated because the urge for partner change has become already too strong. For this Certificate your eyes were also opened to certain ground rules which right from the start must be applied to avoid the pain of separation and divorce. First, it is not wise to start a relationship and marriage when distrust exists, despite sexual or other urges. Contracts in the case of separation almost certainly lead to it. Secondly, once in relationship and marriage don’t let your self go, always be attractive to the other partner, plus exercise respect, friendship and care; be the right person for the other and never look down or put down the other partner, regardless. Thirdly, when separation and divorce is imminent avoid hatred and deep anger, accept it and start again. Only few are lucky these days who enjoy a happy, lasting marriage. CONGRATULATIONS FOR UNDERSTANDING THE DEEPER WHY OF DIVORCE! 

This Certificate is intended for oneself and of a more serious nature. It can be given as a present to somebody else but with caution. Reading it and accepting what is written is good enough proof that common sense and deeper thinking compared to the superficial everyday one is still at the forefront in you. It is a good discussion object and a pointer into the right direction. Put it into an A3 picture frame and be proud of having it

Certificate Of Understanding 2 - Why Divorce

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