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Why Pain 

 This Certificate demonstrates that you had researched the reason for pain. The most obvious of course is for self preservation and learning. Going from this simple point further, you established that there are 3 major forms of pain; physical, mental and spiritual — the pain you can physically see or feel, mental pain such as tension and anxiety — and the one you don’t see, the inner one, like losing a loved one. The great question which you have not answered satisfactory and are excused for doing so is why, from the moment the nerve system is established while still in the mother’s womb, until the moment when leaving the physical body again at the end of physical life, pain is a constant companion, even on a healthy plain, such as growing the first set of teeth, being scared when alone in the dark or feeling rejected. And this is just the beginning, with many, many more to come, physically, mentally and spiritually — in all degrees of severity. The “WHY” is still unanswered. You had also difficulties with the question which points to the fact that almost all living creatures suffer pain; physically the most severe appears at the moment when killed by a prey or otherwise. Yes, all creatures; in the water, on land and in the air; — and this includes also all the creatures which are too small for us to see and those deep down on the ocean bed. You excelled however in realising that our pets, mainly dogs, cats, or birds in cages experience a special, additional pain — being love slaves to us humans. Many of the animal lovers see their pet as a love object which can be commanded about, a SLAVE at will, where one’s aggressions can be let out onto. A small cup of love accompanied by a big pot of pain, beginning when we take the very young pet away from its mother at a very, very early stage of life, just because it is “sweet and cute” then. You see pets and their associated pain in this regard now from a very different view point. You also observe pain as a whole with more respect, trying to reduce it wherever possible. CONGRATULATIONS FOR RESEARCHING AN]) CONTINUE TO DO SO FOR “WHY PAIN”. 

This Certificate is intended for oneself and of a more serious nature. It can be given as a present to somebody else but with caution. Reading it and accepting what is written is good enough proof that common sense and deeper thinking compared to the superficial everyday one is still at the forefront in you. It is a good discussion object and a pointer into the right direction. Put it into an A3 picture frame and be proud of having it.

Certificate Of Understanding 3 - Why Pain - University Of Life Experiences

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