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 Why Racism Why Religions 

 We demonstrated to you the assumption that this planet Earth is a living Being or part thereof. Overall this assumption was unbelievable because there is no way which resembles, even remotely, organs in it or parts around it, as generally known with living Beings. The task further was, how such a Being would keep itself safe from the overpopulation of a specific species, keeping balance on its surface. What would it use as remedy? You researched thoroughly and concluded successfully, for which you received this Certificate, that there are different rays, invisible to us, radiating out of the ground all around this planet which makes people’s temperament, character and attitude somewhat different from one place to another. Also, the various climates all around this globe further underlines and strengthen such resulting behaviour. It follows that Religion and the perception of God or godly Being or Beings had been based on hand of the established attitude of the particular region according to the surface rays radiating from that particular ground. Furthermore, as there is a certain amount of aggression in most living species, including the human being, to establish and protect one’s territoiy and light for it if need be, it emerges that racism is a very natural form of behaviour. As long as the population of a nation is small enough that the specific character and temperament is within its region, the Earth’s surface is at balance. However, if population increases and the people of the various nations mix, imbalance is created. The resulting different attitudes leading to racism is this planet’s remedy to reduce population. Children fighting neighbour clildren for example, is this remedy in play form. Religion has the same effect. Nations follow their own religion, representing in it their attitude based on their character and temperament. As every nation sees their own religion the right and true one they will defend it, even if it means war; again, a remedy to reduce over population. If there is, what is the secret that nations, even in a mixed together situation can live this way in harmony, we asked you. The answer: Whatever you do, keep in mind that you do it so, to protect this planet and its natural balance, and so keep this planet healthy. Be not ruthless at harvest on land, air or sea, distribute out what you don’t need and view this planet as your life giving all. It will bring harmony among nations, even with different attitudes. Religious stubbornness and the notion of racism will vanish. CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS CONCLUSION! 

 This Certificate is intended for oneself and of a more serious nature. It can be given as a present to somebody else but with caution. Reading it and accepting what is written is good enough proof that common sense and deeper thinking compared to the superficial everyday one is still at the forefront in you. It is a good discussion object and a pointer into the right direction. Put it into an A3 picture frame and be proud of having it.

Certificate Of Understanding 5 - Why Racism, Why Religions

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