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Instead of a 16’s birthday card which soon hits the dustbin, this novelty certificate is a lasting uplifting document displayed by a beautiful art work.  It is a reminder that the life of the young person has value regardless of the circumstances.  That she can be proud being a woman now and valued as such by others.  And that the future ahead therefore is good and something to look forward.  Placed in a frame and hanging on the wall in her room, this birthday card certificate will give an instant positive feeling regards life.

To acknowledge your "RITE of PASSAGE" from childhood to womanhood, a proud Estate. 
You have entered the world of women and must awaken. 
We assert that your journey as a woman has begun and remind you of 
the responsibility you have to yourself to learn to live FREELY and FEARLESSLY. 
Your inner journey is from the HEART to the HEAD and you will need good counsel, for 
as yet you are "sweetly naive" and nine parts asleep. It is very well to live in dreams and 
fantasies of future loves and paradise, but do you not hear the call to awaken? 
The voices are wisdom women who have completed the journey. 
They seek to open your eyes to things you do not yet see.

A woman is expected in this world to be all things to all people and play a hundred roles. 
However, you must not lose your essential self in these roles. Remember, that your 
happiness does not depend on others, it is found within your own being - so be happy, 
there is nothing to prevent you. 
Love is strange, for if you look carefully, you will always see something of yourself 
reflected in the love object - claim it for yourself, for it is a HIDDEN GEM REVEALED.

I will grow in seff-confidence and meet the world on my own terms. 
I will develop my Intuitive wisdom to glimpse ah....d and keep me safe.
I will seek emotional truth so that myloves will be honest and genuine.
I will rejoice in my feminine power and love that which I am.

We, at the University of Life Experiences. wish you much joy on this auspicious dayl 

Certificate of Womanhood

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$1.00Sale Price
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