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This beautiful art work is designed for looking inwards and search for the true meaning of self.  A gentle nudge that without doing so life may be lived empty.  May be given as a present by a true friend.  Placed into an A3 or similar size frame it will decorate bautifully any room and is certainly something to positively talk about. 

o Man, did you not know that you had to take a journey to the 
centre of your psyche, your inner cosmos. There you will find the usurper, the 
pretender, sitting uneasily on the throne, EGO pretending to rule over all.

While EGO dominates, you are still a being of flesh . 
Become a being of LIGHT and place the true ruler upon the throne. This King 
is the HIGHER SELF whom unites the kingdoms of the psyche, the inner cosmos; 
this King is the central sun of the inner solar system. He brings all under the control 
of his will and unites the opposites within you. He tosses EGO into its proper place, 
merely a satellite spinning around the central Higher Self, the central sun.

Thus you ascend to higher consciousness, to greater 
depths of feeling, shaking off the delusions that EGO plagues you with.

This is the ultimate goal of life • to end the cause of the conditioned state of 
existence. When this is achieved you have completed the rebirth and 
become what you were meant to become. The journey is complete!

Congratulations on completing your DEGREE IN A MAN'S JOURNEY.

Degree in a Man's Journey

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$1.00Sale Price
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