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THE UNIVERSITY of LIFE EXPERIENCES is pleased to present to You came to us lily - livered and trembling but without a Degree in "Absolute Panic". It was difficult for you to know exactly when to run screaming into the night. From time to time we all "go to pieces", "lose ones cool" or get ones "knickers in a twist" but we don't all knock out our "lights" by running blindly into a street lamp or plate glass window. When confronted by terrifying horror, when totally unnerved and in a state of hysteria, it may be a comfort to possess a Degree in "Absolute Panic" and thus "freak out" in the proper way. Since you display the appropriate attributes of dismay, fear and alarm and regularly "Get the Wind up", you qualify admirably for this Degree. CONGRATULATIONS overreacting when we awarded you "a Degree in Absolute Panic". We hope you have a long career as a "Panic - Merchant".

Degree In Absolute Panic

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