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This doctorate novelty certificate has very spicy words and is there to ponder over these.  The wording and the art work is so designed that whoever has it hanging on the wall or placed on the desk top, covered in an A3 picture frame can be proud of having it.

It is quite absurd that you have gained a "Degree in in Absurdity", but there 
you are. As you have learned we still live in the dark age where bovine millions 
who refuse to "think" are manipulated by the few who control the "EMPIRES OF BELIEF" 
that dominate the world. The struggle of humanity has always been the attempt to 
break free of delusions and to perceive "Truths" that appear ·contrary to reason".

Once, we were convinced that the world was flat and that the sun travelled 
around the earth. That which was accepted Doctrine is now absurd. We 
thought we lived in a layer-cake universe with heaven above and hades below, 
an absurd notion promoted by the "EMPIRES OF BELIEF". Such was the need to 
have everyone conform to the absurd, that dissenters were killed. This absurdity 
still happens and terrorism is the proof. Fundamentalism is fundamentally absurd.

But happily, not for you is the passive/receptive unquestioning mentality that is so susceptible 
to suggestion and mind control. You have broken free of these absurd "Empires of Belief' and 
have an overview of the absurd world we live in. It is your knowledge of the absurd that has 
enlightened you and taught you to "QUESTION EVERYTHING", even the so-called sacred. 


Degree in Absurdity

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