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This degree novelty certificate has very spicy words and is a real gift for somebody who is gifted in forgetting things.  Presenting it in an A3 picture frame for hanging the same on the wall this art work certainly creates a lot of laughter and fun.   The person concerned will probably do everything thereafter to undo his/her degree, which may be the reason for such a gift in the first place. 

We apologise for reminding you, for now you will have to forget it all over again. 
You won't remember, but it was the Ancients who 
discovered the art of forgetting and so successful were they 
that they soon forgot who they were and were soon forgotten to history.

Memory is such a curse upon humanity and has never been reliable. One racks 
one's brains to remember important names and anniversaries and memory, the dog, 
will not fetch them. Then when trying to forget trauma, anguish, pain and horror, 
memory, the dumb beast, fetches the lot and lays them at your feet and wags its tail.

To better the lot of mankind we resurrected the art of how to become an amnesiac 
(without knocking yourself on the head) and you are, we are proud to say, a 
Graduate of this Art. Don't worry if you don't remember! If you are now
unsure of your name and address you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.

We congratulate you on this wonderful achievement and allow 
you now to blissfully forget everything that we have said.

If you forget to frame this we will understand. 

Degree in Amnesia

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$1.00Sale Price
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