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A very witty Degree for those who understand the joke in it. 

As you know, the Anti - Feng Shui Masters understood the need for balance and harmony 
in the Universe - however, we are grieved to say, they inadvertently caused an imbalance.

By teaching ordinary people to overburden themselves with luck, by allowing them to 
'suck up' too much CHI, we now have too many individuals with billions and billions of 
dollars, money they will never be able to spend, even if they had a thousand lifetimes. 
This has left larger and larger areas of the planet quite desolate of CHI and no luck 
whatsoever - here, the people battle to survive. The wealthy have long since 
acquired all the 'Good Feng Shui' locations and there are none left for the rest of us.

To redress this and correct the imbalance, we designed 
the ANTI - FENG SHUI course at which you have excelled. 
This Degree qualifies and urges you to create 'SHA - CHI', the pemicious,
noxious breath, the antithesis of Good Feng Shui and aim your poison arrows 
( and anything else sharp, angled or pointed) at the chinks ( no pun intended ) 
in the arrnor of Good Feng Shui. Use tall trees, telephone poles, towers and any 
other large erections to probe the secret openings - go on the offensive!

The best locations for 'SHA - CHI' are your local sewage works or 
any polluted rubbish dump or toxic river. Beware the Green Dragon and the White Tiger.

and success and honour on your quest.

Degree in Anti - Feng Shui

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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