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Who would like to be a sailor of the "olden days"?  Having the toughness which was required then?  To be one with a fighting spirit to succeed?  To go out and bring home treasures?  This bright Degree is for such a person or someone who would like to or aims for it.  A beautiful piece of art which when placed into an A3 frame truely decorates any wall or desk top.

Hold Fast there Matey, lest ye be caught in irons 
on a lee shore wi' nary a breath 0' wind in yer sails, the Devil 
to pay an' no pitch hot, if yer fail to abide by this ere' Sallee Rover's Creed.

But betimes ye'lI be 'full an' bye', wi' a course set fr' Fiddler's Green 
an' a kickin' up Bob's a Dyin', wi' Dreams 0' treasure and' prizes.

I' ll not say yer a proper Sea Rover yet, but ye'lI splice an' knot an' haul and 
ye'lI do for an idler till ye' comes by yer trade. Swing the lead an' yer bones ill' 
join tothers in Davy Jones locker, an' thats no error.

So come along 0' we an' pluck up yer anchor, heave an' rally - yer bound for the 
Spanish Main, keeping a weather eye out fr' spoil. Pieces of eight, pieces of eight.

Yer wooden leg, black eye-patch, rum bottle, cutlass an' Jolly Roger are in yer 
Ditty Bag. Yer parrot was a jonah so we fed it to the sharks.

Beware 0' the Black Spot. •

CONGRATULATIONS on gettin' yer Degree in BUCCANEERING Matey

Degree in Buccaneering

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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