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A fun Degree which aids in the spiritual transformation of the reader. 

You came to us with a question: Who is the Cosmic Child? 
In reply, we advised that you take a Degree in Metamorphosis.

Thus began your transformation. We taught you how to integrate the chards of your 
psyche, to become whole. You were awakened to the WISDOM OF THE HEART.

You began 'ZAZEN' and bravely entered the inner cosmos, cutting off all sensory 
stimulus, for sensory stimulus is the life-blood of EGO. That part of the 
brain where EGO resides was starved of its life essence 
and EGO flickered and died. The veil of EGO thus torn away, 
you returned to your undifferentiated state - ENLIGHTENMENT had occurred.

You discovered that you did not live IN a material universe, 
you were consciousness pervading an energy field and were without 
limit or boundary, connected to all that IS and will be. By this method you had 
destroyed the delusion that you were a 'Speck of Dust in the Cosmos'. You knew 
yourself to be an ETERNAL SPIRIT, a being of eternal light, able by will alone to 
mold the energy of the cosmos into any shape or form as though it were play-dough. 

As you practice love and one-mindedness your powers 
will increase and you will learn to create. You see the way clearly.


Degree in Metamorphosis

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$1.00Sale Price
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