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A Degree for those who make procrastination their most important art in life.

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Motivation is such a nasty thing, it threatens our inertia and causes that 
horrendous condition called CHANGE and as we all know CHANGE is rarely 
for the better. Motivated people are greedily obsessed automatons who devour 
resources and imperil the planet with their size 666 CARBON FOOTPRINTS. 
Thus, we are delighted that you acquired our DEGREE in PROCRASTINATION, 
for while you are procrastinating you are not adding to the world's problems. 
The procrastinator has a very small carbon footprint because as the saying goes 
'Why do today that which may never need to be done at all". The procrastinator 
is the friend of the planet and can rarely make the decision to turn on a light switch.

As you know, the rules for procrastination are: 
1. Think of what you are trying to achieve - then don't bother. 
2. Ignore any informalion which may cause you to be motivated. 
3. Explore as few alternatives as you can. 
4. Never make any plans. 
5. Make sure that any steps you are forced to make 
always lead you back to where you started. 
6. Be confident that all successes are frauds.

The fact that you constantly put off doing this degree 
automatically qualifies you for it, so now you can put it into 
the bin - tomorrow, or perhaps the day after or one of these days.


Degree in Procrastination

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