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A real fun Degree for somebody who has been made redundant, to see life from the brighter side of redundancy. 

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is pleased to present to a


It is to your credit that you decided to study how to become superfluous
and surplus to requirements. Many of our students approach this subject of 
REDUNDANCY with some reluctance and others in frivolous haste, but whatever the 
additude, the result is always the same - the untrammelled joy of being unburdened 
of all responsibility as one returns to the feckless aimlessness of one's youth.

We know that some will say that being inessential and completely unneeded 
takes a bit of getting used to, but think for a moment about the luxury of all 
that free time on your hands, the bliss of not being constantly in demand 
and on call, by people, who were never your intellectual equal in any case.

Gone are the days of tugging the forelock, stabbing co-workers in the back to get 
promotion, kissing the posterior of the boss etc etc... There is a certain exhilaration 
which accompanies being tossed on the slag-heap, a sense of new horizons and 
adventures ahead, a longed for freedom. One door closes and so does the next 
one, but what do you care, with your newly acquired DEGREE in REDUNDANCY 
you always will be unwanted, and that, we assure you, is a good thing.

We congratulate you on this wonderful achievement.


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