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A very whitty and colourful Certificate pointing to activities while sleeping.  Designed to see the funny side of things while one should be asleep and an ideal gift for a very, very close friend to introduce some sparkle and fun at a special occasion.  Placed into an A3 or similar size frame it is truly the focus point of any wall.

We, at the University, offer many Degrees in the field 
of PARASOMNIA and advanced sleep activities. This Degree enters 
into the category of things which are so easy that, ' you can do them in your sleep'.

Sexsomnia is certainly the most popular course among students, far surpassing 
their interest in sleepwalking, sleepeating, sleepdriving, or sleepjogging (some 
students have been put off this course due to the number of arrests of naked 
student joggers - we thus advice sleep attire while doing outdoor sleep activities).

Having learnt the 'Art of SleepSex' your lovers now tell us that you are skilled at 
making sexual advances in your sleep. Indeed, it is claimed that you are a better 
lover asleep than awake, the result being, that your lovers now prefer you 
unconscious. Long may you remain unconscious Now that 
you are a skilled Sexsomniac, you may wish to take our 
Sleep-Studying course and sleep your way through these classes.

We congratulate you on acquiring your Degree in Sexsomnia which 
as you have undoubtedly realized has doubled the span of your sexual life.

We regret to inform you that we have discontinued the 
course of sleep-piano-playing as it kept other students awake.

We hope that you will be asleep when we deliver this Degree.

Degree in Sexsomnia

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