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This degree has a deeper meaning. The wording is for victims as well as for the perpetrator. The healing through forgiveness is for both. 

As you have learned, everyone needs to forgive and to be forgiven. Everyone has 
perpetrated hurt and has in turn been hurt. Everyone is both, the victim and the transgressor. 
The HEART is the only balm to sooth the troubles of the mind. LOVE is the healer.

Remembering being hurt resurrects anger, remembering hurting someone conjures anguish. 
Unforgiveness leaves the wounds open. You first had to want to forgive or be 
forgiven and hold it in your heart. You had to try to understand both, 
the victim's and the transgressor's feelings and be altruistic and 
big-hearted - to yourself as well as to the thoughtless and the desperate. 
Instead of thinking calmly, we react out of the stress of the moment, the pain of the past.

So, you entered a dialogue with yourself and acknowledged both, your own poor behaviour 
at times and the poor behaviour of those who have hurt. You declared that you will 
forgive yourself and also you will forgive those who gave you a burden of pain. You 
said it aloud in your solitude and also to those close to you who immediately understood.

You also learned, that the magnitude of the offence given or received will determine the 
length of the path to inner peace. It is a mountain to climb with courage. Furthermore, 
that it is not necessary to always reconcile for there may lie a danger of more hurt.

We uphold that you have taken a DEGREE in THE ART OF FORGIVENESS, 
but recognise that it was what you needed.

CONGRATULATIONS on this great achievement

Degree in 'The Art of Forgiveness'

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