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Some like the easy life just floating around nicely. This Degree pokes fun at the go-getter. 

We are pleased to say that you were the most mediocre person ever to take the 
course and in fact, we are having to lower the bar to match your total lack of effort. 
In your final exam we note that you handed in a blank paper and that you had even 
misspelt your name at the top. This indicates to us a total dedication to 
the 'Art of Mediocrity', where you are learning to do less and less.

As you have learned, striving for achievement is the path to frustration, 
stress, ulcers, neuroses and suffering and misery of all kinds. Why create 
a Whip for your own back? Life is too short! Why waste valuable energy?

You were once overheard to say, "If I want pressure, 
I will stick my head in a vice and turn the handle".

Instead, you have opted for contentment and serenity and living life to the minimum. 
Your lack of ambition is truly admirable, your competitive spirit is 
non-existant and you take credit for absolutely nothing.

By avoiding being perfect you have shown us all how to be perfectly happy. 
The Art of Mediocrity, we find, is the KEY TO HAPPINESS.

CONGRATULATIONS on this amazing
under-achievement while excelling in The ART OF MEDIOCRITY.

Degree in 'The Art of Mediocrity'

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