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Ideal gift certificate for a person who quietly has begun to look for the deeper meaning of life. 

In eons past another knowledge was known by the few and this is the knowledge 
you now embrace. Having studied the 'Craft of the Wise' you know what your true 
birthright is - to venture into the hidden valley to discover the Philosopher's stone.

What used to be considered the work of magic and spells we now take for granted, 
for science and magic are the same thing to those who do not understand.

You have joined those people with the secret knowledge 
and can now divine your own destiny. A sacred spring has 
opened within you, a source of love and energy and creativity.

You have become a blessing to those around you, and blessings flow to you in the 
ebb and flow of the cosmic tide. You know that love is not simply a feeling but a 
power and force, the most magnificent of powers. Meditate on how you will use it.

Once, you imagined you were mere base matter and base matter 
was all that you saw, but now you are transformed and are on the path and 
your eternal spirit radiates brighter and brighter. This is the magic of the quest.

Go forth and spread this, your newly acquired wisdom.


Degree in the Craft of the Wise

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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