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It may also be a soothing present for a person who just went through divorce procedures. This degree novelty certificate has very spicy words and is there to ponder over these.  The wording and the art work is so designed that whoever has it hanging on the wall or placed on the desk top, covered in an A3 picture frame can be proud of having it. 

We have many more online gifts available and invite you to browse through our funny and well written gift certificate range. We hope you enjoy reading our gift certificates as much as we enjoyed writing them! 

Having qualified for this Degree, you, of all people are aware that the phenomenon 
of 'Falling in Love' is not the mystery that it once was. No longer need young people 
suffer the confusion and anguish that accompanies this obsessive/compulsive 
state of mind, as they pursue the so-called object of their dreams.

This is not just a matter of being the glove puppet of one's hormones, 
or being unable to let go the joystick in life's electronic LOVE-GAME.

Our psyche plays a trick on us by projecting our repressed MINI-SELF GENDER 
OPPOSITE (Amima, Animus) onto any suitably attractive shopstore dummy, where 
it hangs like a new dress or suit of clothes. We look with sheeps-eyes upon this 
paragon of pulchritude, not realizing that we are hypnotized by a vision of ourselves 
in OPPOSITE GENDER FORM, imbued with every wonderful quality that we admire.

Yes, we have fallen love with ourselves and like NARCISSUS, we cannot look away. 
Unfortunately, after a time, the underlying image of the shop store dummy begins 
to show through; the image we projected shimmers and shakes and falls away 
and we wonder who the stranger is that has Suddenly appeared before us.

Now begins the search for another person who will hold the image of our 
MINI-SELF GENDER OPPOSITE so that we can imagine 
ourselves to be in love again. The story continues. . . 


Degree in 'The Narcissus Effect'

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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