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A different background to the "Pursuit Of Happiness'

For those who want to look at life from a different angle. The angle of happiness through meditation.

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Slippery stuff happiness, you really can't get hold of it. 
Happiness is no laughing matter. Yet you truely mastered this Degree. 

Fools pursue happiness like chasing a rolling ball that they can never catch. 
They seek happiness in the acquisition of wealth; conquest; fame; luck; 
sexual satisfaction. They cavort about in physical endeavours, running, 
jumping, swimming, dancing, desperately trying to evoke happiness. 

The great hope for happiness is matrimonial bliss; nurturing; 
providing: caring; etc...but the demands of marriage in many cases 
become a burden that bears you down and crushes all dreams of happiness. 

Some throw themselves into the oblivion of drugs and drink but it only destroys 
their bodies and their minds. Happiness is not at the bottom of that pit. 

You discover happiness to be brief, transitory, unpursuable. 
a fleeting dream, elusive and mercurial, it evaporates like the moming mist. 

Even we, who offer you intellectual endeavour, Art; Science; the Humanities; etc... 
cannot provide you with a permanent state of happiness in these things. 

However, all is not lost, there is a special TRANQUIL HAPPINESS to be found in 
MEDITATION and the true everlasting BLISS of connecting with a deep tangible LOVE that 
rises from something profound that has surrounded you always, but which you have always 
been unaware of until now. The tides of your life have swept you into the currents of the 
UNIVERSAL HAPPINESS that is at the core of the living matrix. This was your destiny. 


Degree in 'The Pusuit of happiness' # 2

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