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This beautiful art work is designed for looking inwards and search for the true meaning of self.  A gentle nudge that without doing so life may be lived empty.  May be given as a present by a true friend.  Placed into an A3 or similar size frame it will decorate beautifully any room and is certainly something to positively talk about.

You have chosen to study which cannot be studied.

This something, which cannot be studied, we call the TAO. It existed 
before heaven and earth, still and formless and everlasting. All things come 
from it and all things return to it, invisible, inaudible, it is inexhaustible in its creativity.

The TAO is the mother of all things - silently it brings into being. It is in you but 
you cannot possess it. To the humble it fills and renews and gives clear 
sight. Such a one becomes virtuous, full of light - a model to the world.

Let the light shine within you, you are now able to be one with 
the TAO and able to endure forever. Being great, the TAO 
passes on, becomes remote; having become remote it returns.

You whom are conscious of the light will be content to remain 
obscure, but your virtue will never fail for you are one with the absolute TAO.

for you will doubly endure In your great achievement

Degree in 'The Tao'

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$1.00Sale Price
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