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How gory can things get?!  This Degree is for the young man who is or thinks he is a soilder and fighting is all there is;  and the warrior's chant gets right into goryness of battle.  There is however a final build in warning that maturity out of it is necessary.  Ideal for any man who has to wake up to see that life is not build on bloodshed alone, but on decisions of wise men. 

This is to certify that you have achieved the DEGREE in THE WARRIOR ARCHETYPE. 
It will stand you in good stead while you pass through the WARRIOR PHASE in your 
young life. Remember! you can obtain your SWORD and HELMET and SHIELD 
from 'Warrior, Weapon and Woad. Corn.· Below is your Warrior Chant

The Warrior Chant 
When I see battle dust, I feel battle lust, my sword and my shield in my hand. I march 
with my fellows, give WARCRY and bellow· TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A STAND! 
It's HAVOC, we cry, here's one in yer eye, here's one you never expected.
Here's one from my KNOUT to turn ye about, one ye wish ye'd never collected. 
I'U batter and baste, yer blood ye will taste, I am the worst terror ye ever have faced. 
I'U wreck and I'll wrack the bones of yer back - I'll pull at yer vitals and haul up the slack. 
Aye, here is a rub, I'll clobber and drub, with blow after blow 
I'" make ye all blub, when I bludgeon yer brains with my terrible club. 
I'U pelt and I'll pound ye into the ground, there is'nt a piece will ever be found. 
I'U spike and impale ye, I'll hammer and nail ye, I'll leave ye for rats to demolish. 
"U cleave and I'll cut the depths of yer gut, yer lifespark I'll simply abolish 
I'm sure ye won't mind, if I peel off yer rind and send ye to Satan to warm his behind. 
yes! the sound in yer ear is the sound of yer fear as ye listen and hear yer death-rattle. 
Oh ye curse all yer gods, those impotent clods, who allowed you to meet me in battle.

Remember! there is a danger in the Warrior Archetype, beware 
you don't get caught in it's snare and fail to mature into the WISE MAN ARCHETYPE.


Degree in the Warrior Archetype

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