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This beautiful art work is designed for looking inwards and search for the true meaning of self.  A gentle nudge that without doing so life may be lived empty.  May be given as a present by a true friend.  Placed into an A3 or similar size frame it will decorate beautifully any room and is certainly something to positively talk about.

Oh woman, you have taken the decision to do 'THE WORK'. 
Within you is the inner sky, the inner ocean, do not neglect this 
realm. Aphrodite rules in this inner Universe, the vast unconscious 
where Psyche (soul) is meant to evolve. The capacity for love (Eros) is the goal.

You have shown the ability to SORT both in the inner and the outer worlds - this is 
your special provence - to SORT in the sorting grounds of feelings and values, to 
find the boundaries and to go no further, lest you and your family are swept away 
to destruction by the inner uncontrolled floods that can occur within you.

In the vastness of life, do not play too many roles at once do 
not attempt too many things at once. 
Take each portion of life single and in good order, doing each task well.

Take what you need from your masculine side (animus) while protecting 
your feminity. Keep the balance between power and relatedness - 
all thus in proper proportion and all will be well.

The journey within leads to the HALL OF PERSEPHONE 
and marriage with Eros (love). The daughter you will bear is called BLISS.


Degree in Womens Work

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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