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King Kong  Department of Sexual Studies Certificate 
Yes, there is a Kong in every man, even if it is not visual at first sight and even if it is not always felt: but there is!  A very uplifting Certificate which brings via a short treatise the manly strength into the open.  Ideal for someone who is timid and does not believe in its own strength, or to boast up ones manly image. 

A short Treatise on the Symbolic representation of the 'Psychic sexual Power 
in Humankind' as reported In the story of KING KONG. By Professor l. Didergood.

Kong was not bom, he has no parents, he appears to have materialized from nowhere - he simply 'IS'_ 
His home of SKULL ISLAND is a clue to his origins - in every skull is a brain, in every brain is a 
psyche. SKULL ISLAND is of course a symbol of the self, but what a strange self it is; a tiny 
comer of the Island (representing consciousness) is inhabited by primative humans and 
the large part beyond the dividing wall (the unconscious) is a prehistoric realm.

KONG, the primate seems out of place among the dinosaurs, because dinosaurs 
predate the emergence of primates. However, KONG, huge and powerful, is in fact not a 
being at all, but a symbolic representation of the MALE SEXUAL FORCE, the force that propels all 
the species through space and time. Its counterpart, the FEMALE SEXUAL FORCE is represented 
by ANN DARROW, small, seemingly vulnerable, apparently unable to cope in a hostile world - she is 
offered screaming and terrified to this symbol of the MALE SEXUAL FORCE, unaware of her own 
powers. Woman, the possessor of the mystical power of attraction, mysterious and 
fascinating to the Male, she is the very NEMESIS of his BEAST WITHIN.

The story advances and we find modem man trying to control 
the beast in the New York theatre, which like the island, is a symbol of the self; 
sophistication and culture has evolved in humanity, but is unable to keep the powerful 
psychic sexual force chained; it erupts forth, breaking the civilized facade apart. Only its female 
counterpart can neutralise this masculine energy, by causing it to bum itself out in a sexual act. 
The EMPIRE STATE BUILDING is the PHALLIC SYMBOL chosen (unconsciously?) by the writer, 
a mighty PENIS, hundreds of feet high and at its summit the denouement - bullets ejaculate from
other phallic symbols (guns) and the energy of the ancient force is dissipated and KONG dies.

KONG will live again when the story is reread, the film rerun, just as the sexual energy that 
KONG represents is renewed, again and again, propelling humanity into the Mure. Yes, 
KONG is resurrected, just as men find their sexual part res-ERECTED BY KONG;


Dept of Sexual Studies

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