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A beautiful art work and designed for an enthusiast in Sherlockian theory.  This degree novelty certificate has very spicy words and is there to ponder over these.  The wording and the art work is so designed that whoever has it hanging on the wall or placed on the desk top, covered in an A3 picture frame can be proud of having it. 

With this qualification no-one can ever say that you 'Don't have a Clue'. 
You have joined the ranks of those with well marked supra-orbital development; 
a mind that has acute insight, the art and method of profound observation and 
analysis. Doubtless, you keep your pipe in the coalscuttle and your tobacco 
in the toe of a persian slipper (we wish you would give up smoking).

The adept in 'Sher1ockian Theory' is an expert with the 'Single-stick 
(we are sure you are) and an exponent of Baritsu', that noble Japanese art 
of self-defense. You read masses of sensationalist literature, Penny Dreadfuls, 
the Police Gazette (by gaslight) and in your moods of lethergy you lie prostrate 
for days unable even to play the violin indifferently (we are all grateful for that).

Every consulting detective needs his Watson, to confound and amaze and 
to record noble deeds and heroic triumphs and we hope you have found 
such a creature (you cannot buy two for tuppence these days).

Mystery is your bread and butter (and occasionally 'Jam') 
and we know that you long for a brother called MYCROFT. 
However, we do not recommend the 'Seven Percent Solution' for neither 
did Watson approve. (Your pipe, magnifying glass and Deerstalker are in the Post 
and will eventually be found with the rest of your correspondence affixed 
as usual by means of a Jack-knife to the mantlepiece).


Masters Degree in Sherlockian Theory

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