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The receipient of this Certificate is deemed to be a MASTERMIND, 
a radiant luminary, learned and gifted in the art of THINKALOTOLOGY, 
steeped in Scholarship, well-read and well-versed in booklore, a lettered (ABC),

cultured intellectual, sagacious and wise in all things; able to perceptively grasp the 
solutions to the most thomy of problems; clever, competent, savvy and insightful. 
We cannot give sufficient praise to this creative and inventive, brilliant, disceming and lucent 
and erudite HIGHBROW, whose enlightened utterances are a wonder and delight to us all. 
We are astonished at the ingenuity and vision; the legendary attainments, all of which 
are beyond their time. It is significant that this person has reached the highest 
power of mind and intellect at a moment in history when we most need our 

We bow before such acumen and perspicacity in the ART OF LIFE itself
and only wish that some of these abilities could belong to us. 


The Certificate of Thinkalotology

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