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This novelty gift certificate award is best suited for children which endure a painful illness,  hospital durations or are brave in any other way.   Placed in an A3 picture frame and presented to the young child concerned will make it feel being recognized and proud.  It will help to create additional strength to carry on the painful path toward a healthful future or simply in striving to be a good person.  Well wishing cards never achieve such a debt of caring and usually soon after presenting, end up in the bin.

Heroes and Heroines take journeys, they confront dragons and they 
find treasure. You too are on a journey even though you are in a bed in hospital.

Some dragons are invisible and we call them illness and to vanquish these dragons 
you require all your strength and courage and all the love of friends and family.

All Dragonslayers suffer weariness and hurt and loneliness at some 
time or another, but there are always wizards (doctors) and 
princesses (nurses) to help them gain their strength.

The treasure you seek is of course HEALTH and though the 
journey may be long and difficult however, you will see this as an adventure 
of sorts, where you meet new people and make new friends and find the treasure 
of GOOD HEALTH. We know you are brave and take your magic potions and do 
not mind when the dragon stings or breathes fire when you do battle with him.

This is YOUR QUEST and we can only applaud and cheer your courage 
and encourage you to never despair but to bear up like a warrior and know 
that the journey always ends in an embrace of those who love you.


The Dragonslayer's Bravery Award

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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