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Mythology tells us that the Medusa, whose glance turned men to stone,

was killed by Perseus, whom the Gods protected with HELMET,   SWORD  and  SHIELD.


Mythology usually speaks of the human psyche and in this story a very real warning is given to young  men  as  to  why  they  are  stony-hearted  toward  women.


The Medusa is symbolic for the Animus, the dark side of the feminine,

which if glimpsed by the growing boy, strikes fear into him and turns

his heart to stone and all his future relationships with women are blighted.  Thus, the Medusa is revealed to be the dark side of his care-giver, his mother, his Aunt, his step-mother, etc.


The Medusa will always live as long as women reveal their

dark side to their sons or boys in care, turning their hearts to stone.


As C G Jung said, "The West does not have a suitable terrible image

of the dark side of the feminine – yet, if we do not appreciate

the dark how will we appreciate the light.


However, all is not lost, for in maturity a man mayovercome this terrible curse, if he understands why he feels the way he does.

The Medusa Lives

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