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A very decorative reminder that we are all on a constant journey on this planet.  If not thought of before its a good time now to mentally walk over the gangway as a start.  Then being on it to do the best to make the ride a pleasurable one, accepting responsibilities and funtimes as they come.  Placed into an A3 frame it is an excellent gift to make an important event or date a real special one.

This Boarding Pass and Ticket allows the bearer to 
travel aboard Spaceship Earth for the period of the natural life.

It is hoped that the passenger's journey will be long and prosperous.
Passengers are reminded to take care of Spaceship Earth 
and it will take care of you.

You will travel approximately 
14 million Kilometres (9 million Miles) per year.

Your journey will take you around the sun. 
The sun is travelling around the Milky Way Galaxy and 
the Galaxy is moving towards Andromeda in our local galaxy cluster. 
Our local galaxy cluster is going who' knows where?

It's a magic mystery tour - sit back and enjoy the ride for 
approximately 1,330 million Kilometres (855 million Miles).

Congratulations for being on this exciting journey

The Spaceship Earth Boarding Pass

$2.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price
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