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TIME TRAVEL TEAM (Department of Quantum Studies) 
Something amusing to have.  Time travel is of interest to most people and a short, funny story in memo form from the university creates a smile and thought.  An excellent item to develop conversation and see the exciting side of time travel, especially if a watch has been million years in the future and is back again still holding time. 

Mr Alastair McAllester, a member of our TIME TRAVEL TEAM, recently retumed from an 
expedition to the far distant past. As you know, members of the team are wamed before they 
make the jump, that when they arrive at their destination. they are not to cause anything to happen 
that would alter the TIMELINE. Unfortunately, Mr McAllester retumed to a future that was 

When interrogated. Mr McAllester could not explain what he had done until suddenly, 
he looked at his wrist and exclaimed. "GODSTEETH. MINE TICKERTOCKER 1ST HERENOT'. 
It transpired that he had lost his timepiece SOMEWHEN in the Jurassic.

We quickly informed the members of the Department of Archeology's African dig 
where exactly to look and with great good fortune, one of the student helpers uncovered 
McAllester's ROLL-X PERPETUAL (Yes! ROLL-X exists on both TIMELlNES). McAllester 
was delighted to receive it back and was amazed to discover that IT STILL KEPT PERFECT TIME!

Poor McAllester is now in an institution trying to adjust to our T1MELlNE and continues to speak 
in a very strange idiom. However. we are leaming wtlat our T1MELlNE used to be like before 
we sent him and apologise here and now for causing WORLD WAR THREE!

It is finally to be noted that McAllester had never heard of Doctor Hoo. wtlich is very 
peccliar indeed because the illustrious Doctor Hoo is in fact our TIME TRAVEL TEAM LEADER!

Editor's Note: Dear readers. 
if the TIMELlNE changes again, we won't know a damn thing about it.

Time Travel Team

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