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Funny gifts from the heart!

  • Only $1 Each

  • Hand crafted, ready to download

  • Great to give to friends

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Looking for a funny gift idea? Check out our hillarious online presents that will mark an achievement, show love and put a smile on a loved one's face!

Welcome to the University of Life where you are the student and the universe is your tutor, every day is a new adventure, every day is a new lesson. Celebrate a turning point or mark an achievement in a person's life with one of our unique and funny online gifts.

Give yourself a laugh with our gag certificates; you can even treat yourself to a funny certificate, maybe change it every month for your own personal amusement. Better still, treat your friends to one of these fantastic online presents and play a joke on them (anonymously?!)

They will love you for it!

Send a friend, loved one or yourself a virtual gift today or print one out!

Only $1 per Fun Certificate

The process is easy:

  • Choose from our well crafted and written funny gift certificates.

  • Purchase and download the virtual gift certificate file in seconds.

  • Print it out and add the recipient's name.

  • Send the person you love a real sense of achievement. 

  • Or add their name in your favorite image editing program and email it to them. 

All our gag certificates are hand designed without the use of computer aided software packages giving each and every one a personal, caring and loving touch. Unlike birthday cards that will be discarded days later, our humorous gifts will hit the spot and stick around bringing constant reminders of joy and laughter!I

Download a funny virtual gift certificate today and pass on the love to another fellow student of the University of Life. Be sure to checkout our hints section to make the most of these outrageously amusing presents. 

Warmest Regards and Happy Learning,

Dr Ahead Good Life
University of Life Experiences

Flower Prints

Enjoy our flower prints for special occasions.

Looks great on a digital device or printed out and framed like the example shown.

Click here to see the collection >>

Send yourself or a friend a virtual gift instantly by purchasing and downloading one of our prints or certificates.

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